Our Founders' Vision

Tony and Susan share a passion for arts education.

One a legendary artist and humanitarian, the other a dedicated teacher and champion of public schools, together they are committed to restoring the arts in American classrooms nationwide. One school, one city at a time.

It began with their dream to create FRANK SINATRA SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. A dream that led to the design and construction of an award-winning building in Tony's hometown of Astoria, Queens and new high school for the City's children that has consistently delivered excellent results while nurturing creativity and commitment to craft.

Tony & Susan also founded the nonprofit EXPLORING THE ARTS (ETA) to help run programs and provide support for the Frank Sinatra School.

ETA’s 46 Partner Schools in Los Angeles and New York

And for MANY schools....

Particularly those struggling to recover from decades of budget cuts to arts education and serving high-need communities where students are unable to afford lessons or private programs outside of school.

Particularly those, who despite these challenges, share Tony and Susan's belief that ALL students deserve access to a well-rounded education.

Under Tony and Susan's leadership, ETA has grown from serving one city to now two. From serving one school to now 46 schools on both coasts... and counting.

For Tony and Susan, this work is a labor of love. A result of their strong partnership, their desire to give back, their deep appreciation for the arts, and their profound caring for young people.